The Shocking Truth About Lawyers.

Someone once quipped that a good divorce lawyer makes sure to get you half of everything you once owned and the other half as proceeds for themselves.

Mention the word ‘lawyer’ in any conversation, and stories flow freely. I have not met someone who didn’t have an opinion or a story about a lawyer.

Do I believe we need divorce lawyers? Absolutely.

Can you lower your cost of using divorce lawyers?  Absolutely.

Does lowering your cost require you to compromise your level of service? No.

Let’s be realistic. if your relationship is in ruins, there is hardly any chance you will not have to deal with a divorce lawyer.

But, what you probably think you know about lawyers isn’t true. So let’s begin by cutting through all the hype.  It’s reality time!

The perception of lawyers gets based on stereotypes. That is, they sit around in large offices, sipping tea, surrounded by mahogany cabinets, debating the virtues of case law.

You probably hope that if you’re their client, your case is all they think about, And in reality, it’s nothing like that.

If anything, it’s more like a ‘sweatshop.’ Yes, you will probably find the old law books, the dusty shelves, and a fancy receptionist out front. But if you look more closely, you’ll find law offices staffed by overworked lawyers putting in extraordinary hours.

Most lawyers work hard to impress their bosses and make it to the next rung in their organization.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are some charitable lawyers out there. You know, the ‘good’ lawyers – dedicating their time to the ‘good of society’ and work for free.

These are the folks you see in movies forgoing income to preserve justice and freedoms for all. But, unfortunately, while these individuals exist in reality, they represent a small minority of lawyers.

And when you find a lawyer, don’t expect them to be one of them. You see, we live in an increasingly competitive society. Lawyers have stakeholders; some have shareholders that demand an increasing profit. So to them, you are their next meal ticket.

By understanding your lawyer’s perspective and busting your own ‘lawyer bubble’, you can begin to lower your divorce costs.


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