About Me

My name is Michael.

I have been where you are now—the lies, distrust, and confusion.

I am here to share every closely guarded divorce tactic I uncovered during my divorce that you should know.

I’m not a lawyer, psychologist, or social worker. I originally posted some of my ideas as essays online, hoping to share what I had learned the hard way. Instead, I was overwhelmed with emails asking me questions, so I put the answers together.

Based on real-life experiences, the book I wrote and offered on this site is updated every year and has information not freely available on the Internet or bookstores.

Why? I can only guess lawyers write legal textbooks, and therapists write psychology texts.

I wish I had known about these ideas before my divorce; some of these are counter-intuitive. Nevertheless, it would have saved me a fortune and hours of frustration.

These strategies work in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and most other countries.

This book is not about avoiding the legal process or hiding assets. Instead, this book is about making sure you get more of what you want for less money and less frustration.

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